People are definitely eating pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

For years, Pokémon followers have puzzled whether or not the franchise’s lack of standard animals meant that people within the Pokémon world generally ate the pocketable creatures for sustenance. Whereas the jury’s nonetheless out for locations like Kanto and Hoenn, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet undoubtedly make it appear to be trainers from the Paldea area don’t have any beef with turning sure ‘mons into connoisseur meals.

Fruits like berries, dishes like curries, and baked items like poffins and malasadas have performed a surprisingly giant position in lots of latest Pokémon titles, the place they usually act as stat-boosting power-ups obtained both by shopping for them from shops or by making them in mini-games. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet hold this custom going within the new Paldea area, the place folks appear obsessive about sub-like sandwiches and most each city options a number of retailers the place particular elements will be bought to make customized sandwiches with particular results.

Sandwiches are the foodstuff that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet put probably the most emphasis on, and studying to make totally different sorts of them is essential to getting probably the most out of your hunt for treasure and uncommon pokémon as you discover Paldea. However the video games additionally introduce quite a lot of extra advanced ready dishes that may be bought in eating places like Cascarrafa Metropolis’s Jade Palace Backyard and Levincia Metropolis’s Seafood Fresco. And it’s in these institutions that Scarlet and Violet appear to indicate that persons are consuming pokémon. 

In contrast to quite a lot of earlier Pokémon video games the place meals has tended to be comparatively easy and one might simply assume that issues have been vegetarian, Scarlet and Violet introduce quite a lot of concerned and explicitly meat-filled dishes, like ceviche, Pawmi-shaped Salisbury steaks, and paella (de Paldea). One might make the argument that Paldeans merely have stockpiles of non-pokémon animals they use for meals saved away someplace. However sure dishes like Go-For-Broke Grill’s “Klawf al Ajilo” and Jade Palace Backyard’s “Pickled Toescool and Cucumber” are exhausting to interpret as something however pokémon (or at the least items of them) that ended up being cooked to perfection.

This isn’t the primary time the video games have made it clear that individuals like consuming items of some pokémon

Klawf, a Rock-type crustacean that resembles a bushy crab, and Toedscool, a Floor / Grass-type that seems loads just like the Water-type Tentacool from Technology I however is truly a mushroom that runs round on its mycelium, are two comparatively frequent pokémon you’ll undoubtedly encounter as you play by way of Scarlet and Violet. Neither Klawf — the ambush pokémon — nor Toedscool — the woodear pokémon — have pokédex entries that point out something about them being edible or concerning the folks of Paldea looking them down for meals. However the illustration for Klawf al Ajilo (Klawf fried with garlic) depicts an enormous crab claw swimming in a bowl of broth with a facet of bread, whereas pickled toescool and cucumber seems to be a small dish filled with chopped-up Toedscool legs served in an acidic French dressing.

After all, this isn’t the primary time that the Pokémon video games have made it clear that individuals like consuming bits and items of sure pokémon and their pure byproducts. In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Staff Rocket famously arrange a whole unlawful Slowpoke tail-harvesting operation seeking to promote the dear delicacies for a revenue. Those self same video games additionally launched Miltank, a bovine pokémon whose pokédex entry describes its milk as being “loved by kids and grown-ups alike,” and subsequent generations gave us species like Tropius, Appletun, and Alcremie — all of which people eat particular components of with out hurting the pokémon themselves.

It’s attainable that the entire meals featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is definitely constructed from common greens which have merely been made to seem like meat or that Klawf and Toedscool occur to by some means not thoughts / can survive having their legs and arms chopped off. Or it might simply be that trainers from each area within the Pokémon world have been chowing down on totally different pokémon this whole time and the Paldeans are the one folks courageous and hungry sufficient to do it out within the open.

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